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August GamingIs a company with a team and have expertise in online gaming software That has produced many new games into the gaming market, which August Gaming has added another alternative channel in the online gaming industry. For members who are interested in playing games, there is competition and competition for content. Create high-quality games It is a revolution in the online gaming industry. exciting along with entertainment around the world, which August Gaming (AUG) was founded in 2015 to present online casino games  from software providers to many customers It is a new innovation. where the company has focused on leading entertainment content And is a game developer and a provider of many solutions. Over the past decade, the company has focused on premier entertainment content. Online games are now available in the iGaming market in Asia. And has been expanding more and more to online game providers, resulting in online casino websites many new occurrences in the gaming industry LINE has made the gaming market grow immensely. and has increased the attraction for new players to apply for membership with a large number of casino websites It produces a game with beautiful and amazing graphics. Entering a market that is geared towards Asian gamers, which the founder of August Gaming inspired to add. The solution is a revolution in online gaming. To have a high quality that is excellent in this era

Highlights of August Gaming Slots

Wins are highlighted by animation. The basics see symbols blinking in and out instead of characters. The vibrant slots, the slots with 3x3, 5x3 and 5x4 game matrices, are another highlight of August Gaming, each with bonus features. at least one property Wild symbol and scatter symbol and free spins feature and a tumbling wheel Which is currently also designed using graphics, 3 D 2D graphics and attractive animations, complemented by a number of ways to win, ranging from 8 slots to 1,024 paylines. 

King KongDifferent themes, variety

Which Asian themed slots by 15 slots out of 17 slots released. Until now, Zhuge Liang is one of the slots. the most interesting in the real lineup Based on the famous Chinese novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. If you are fascinated by the emperor and the mighty Empress Hail the Emperor and Empress Dowager Cixi are places worth visiting. in recent times With the introduction of King Kong and Super Fruit taking players into the heart of the jungle, the five reel slot offers 243 ways to win. By searching for fruits such as bananas, coconuts and watermelons to lure the famous monkeys from their hideouts with the falling wheel to create new combinations. And just for fun, Super Fruit is a colorful fruit party, a whole matrix, 3x3 game with up to 8 paylines. The strangest thing is wild symbol which is represented by a hand grenade and if it appears they will explode and transform into other symbols to win.

August Gaming with HTML5August Gaming Software Development with HTML5

Whether it's Android and ios operating systems, mobile device manufacturers have produced mobile phones, laptops, desktop PCs to be able to play. on the new online flatform To get quality, various games can be played smoothly, without interruption while playing games, no matter where you play, there is no problem, you can play anytime you want, 24 hours a day with the introduction of technology. HTML5 By opening through the web browser that we are familiar with, making playing online games Full of exciting fun and enjoy the beautiful graphics with clarity. With the development of software that can adjust the screen size to fit all kinds of portable devices easily, both vertically and horizontally, making playing games on a smaller screen It is beautiful and supports 3D game systems, making playing games a chance to win the game easily. And able to make huge money from high prize money every day as we want. In a nutshell, August Gaming is a revolution in the online gaming industry. exciting Along with entertainment all over the world It is a team software development and design. graphics and animation with too much basis Expertise in the online gaming industry and has a slot There are 3x3, 5x3 and 5x4 game matrices and various game mechanics. to gain confidence which is an attraction to all players There is also the opportunity to receive many bonuses. offers a variety of deals Including table games such as Baccarat and very popular with Asians and new game software released to the online gaming market, August Gaming will focus on its development. online slot games and skills-enhancing games for Allow members to experience new games released in the online game market. That is popular, especially for Thai gamers.


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